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Date:  Saturday, April 14, 2018

Time:  9:45am to 5:00pm
           (doors open at 9:00am)

Place: Claresholm Community

The Spirit of Empowerment

The Claresholm Women's Conferences have always had the overlying theme of personal EMPOWERMENT!  Empowerment is a word we hear a lot, but it is vital for us to grow. 

Empowerment is the receipt and assumption of power, and with it comes a fortified belief in our own capabilibites.  This power, once transferred, will fuel and drive our actions, from the simplest domestic task to the highest level of personal endeavour. 

To be disempowered is to feel weakend, drained - and it is a reflection of modern life that we can so often feel this way.  The Spirit of Empowerment ingnites vital energy within us, charging our minds with the tenacity and determination to succeed in all that we do, and making us believe that any achievement lies with our grasp. 

This is the year to learn your story of empowerment!  

"Inhale possibilities, exhale creativity" - Laura Jaworsky

Sponsored by Claresholm Public Library, Claresholm FCSS and Willow Creek Adult Learning Society.